02 July, 2011

Woman Share Americas Failing Educational System.

"United States Department of Education, is under the directions of Arne Duncan, with 5,000 (2007) Employees. The entire Educational system is overwhelmingly dominated and controlled by woman, including the additional 81.9 %, of all Elementary and Middle School Teachers in A Failing education system. Hard to pin it on Money. Annual budget, US$32 billion (2009), US$56 billion (est. 2010), US$71 billion (est. 2011).
To reflect on the expenditures per pupil in public elementary and secondary schools: 1961-62, $393. 2008-09, $2,808. I know woman and teachers, and those working at the "United States Department of Education Will accept responsibility like out politician do, they blame others.
The United States was first in the world as recently as 20 years ago, said Barry McGaw, director of education for the Paris-based Organization for Cooperation and Development. The 30-nation organization develops the yearly rankings as a way for countries to evaluate their education systems and determine whether to change their policies. ""http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2005/09/14/study_finds_us_falling_behind_its_global_peers_in_education/?rss_id=Boston+Globe+--+National+News." "http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/09/13/national/main838207.shtml."
"In 2010, American students rank 17TH in the world." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_the_United_States Woman as leaders and including teachers in our Educational system and share the weakness of the Education  System for Education is the strength of any nations social-economical welfare, and future.

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