31 July, 2011

What Does Tokyo Rose, Adolf Hitler, Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz Has In Common?

All four will go down in history as the greatest propaganda masters of the 20th Century. They convinced millions that what they said was the fact, and if people would listen to them all would be well.

To the reader: When reader sees a comparison of others to Hitler, Read how I compare them to a valid trait, that being a master of propaganda. So do not go on that Nazi kick some crazy people react every time they see comparison of Hitler to another person.

“Tokyo Rose
(alternate spelling Tokio Rose) was a generic name given by Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II to any of approximately a a dozen English-speaking female broadcasters of Japanese propaganda. The intent of these broadcasts was to disrupt the morale of Allied forces listening to the broadcast. The name "Tokyo Rose" is most strongly associated with Iva Togura DD’Aquino. American servicemen in the Pacific often listened to the propaganda broadcasts“. Tokyo Rose told the American Soldiers that they are loosing the war, and if they would surrender they would be safe and treated well. Tokyo Rose’s were pro-Japan.

Adolf Hitler was a natural speaker could influence the masses to accept his propaganda. He promised them jobs and a return to glory. We know how that turned out. Adolf Hitler was pro-self, as well as power.

Rush Limbaugh
is a natural orator and motivates the masses to accept his propaganda. Rush is especially skilled in manipulation the truth with the majority of his statements not based on facts. Rush expresses his lofty egotistical opinion. Rush has a mental illness identified as narcissism. Rush Limbaugh is Pro-self, Pro-Republican if they listen to him. The enemy to him is the Demarcates. He is said to exhibit pajamas with a picture logo of himself on them.

Neal Boortz is a surrogate of Rush Limbaugh, except. Neil is a likable person and is extremely bright. Neil does not have an ego problem. He is extraordinarily persuasive. I think he believes what he tells his audience ; however, most is half truths. I.e. I was listening to him on “AM-580 WDBO,” out of Orlando, Florida, the other day. A caller suggested that the Government nationalize the oil corporations. Well Neal jumped all over that by telling the audience that the oil companies “only take about Six Cents a gallon“. So all those that believe what Neil says, Exxon-Mobil makes around “Six Cents a gallon”. The fact is that “Exxon-Mobil in 2010, earned a little more than 2 cents per gallon.”. and if he told the listeners that fact, also shared that “Exxon-Mobil, paid $8 billion in taxes,” may have helped some Americans stop blaming the oil companies.

"http://www.allamericanblogger.com/15382/chart-shows-exxon-profits-per-gallon-of-gas-vs-axes-collected-per-gallon/. I hear Neil Boortz is so Republican he has a the Republican GOP logo on his pajamas. So Neil is guilty of disinformation propaganda and pro-Republican.

Ann Couiter

I must give a un-honorable mention to the worst propagandizes, that give out so misinformation it is hard to believe than many Americans take as the Gospel.

Glenn Beck

The Tea Party

Well under 60,000 alleged members trying to say what is best for over 126.5 million American voters is lubricous.

                                 Real Americans? disgracing the Presidential Office.

“Today’s tea party propaganda: the wonderfulness of slavery"
8 July 2011

michel bachmann, tea party movement

by Fabius Maximus

Summary: The Tea Party movement provides a picture of the increasingly dysfunctional OODA-loop (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) of American society, where outlandish statements are accepted unquestioningly by true believers.”


“The elephant is great and powerful, but prefers to be blind.”
– From David Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest


The Unknow Man That Can, From The "Middle-Class"

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  1. Your claim is that Rush Limbaugh is a narcissist? He seems to foretell things that he feels will happen based on the ineptitudes of Congress, Obscumbo and this last two administrations in general and then -- these things foretold happen! That is not based on opinion, that is based upon past experiences demonstrated by a liberal adminstration. The truth is that the mental disorder falls upon leftists and progressives who seem to believe that by calling black white and ignoring facts that the truth will go away. Since you brought up the matter, God knows your heart indeed and He also knows how you intend to misinform through this bogus blog plus to do so in HIS name. You'll be lucky if you die quickly of a coronary -- or He may decide that you just become a drooling vegetable.