14 June, 2011

What A Joke On The "Middle Class" And The Working Class.

Biggest joke on American "middle class" and they will fall for it. They will vote for another "upper class" politicians filled with empty promises like the last Sixty years. And attack any President in office at the time. They blame the President as always when it has been both the democratic and republican parties. Get a real person from middle class for the first time that does not have to hire people to tell me what you need to hear but knows what you need as the middle and working class since I am one of you the 72% of the American Population. Local, State, National media have not given any air time to my running for President. Name the last president that has been from the middle class. If you think you found one, make sure you look at the salary range for the middle class during the years of their office. If, you do a google search and enter who was a middle class president, my name should come up. Good luck.

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