30 June, 2011

We Need To Elect A "Middle-Class" President In Office.

=======Top Congress Stories=======
Change on Hill can not stop dysfunction
By: Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan
"Congress can not decide what to do on key issues like Libya, spending or the nation’s debt limit."

As I have been saying and writing for 3 month. We need to elect a middle class President in office. We need to change long term Senators and Representatives with "Middle Class" candidates. My being a "middle class" candidate running for President in 2012, Since March 3, 2011. I have not received any news coverage from the "Big Six" media corporation, down to small independent news papers. Is there such a thing as an independent news papers? Everything I have said and written to the "middle class," has fallen on deaf ears and closed eyes. It makes me think the "middle class" is like a wife that is a victim that stays and accepts the abuse.
On my blogs at, "http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2011/06/upper-class-presidents-and-house-"and.html.' and, my website "http://www.charlesharveyforpresident.com/."
As your "middle class" president, how I would make. Simple commonsense decisions like, "what to do on critical issues like Libya, spending or the nation’s debt limit. The same decisions that are not overwhelming to the "Middle class" would make.

1. on Libya, never get involved with their political problems or any other "Middle East, Islamic-Muslim Country. (oil rich).

2. As To spending or the nation’s debt limit. That is real easy, just refer to #1, that will save billions of dollars.

3. Stop giving funding to or any other "Middle East, Islamic-Muslim Country. Billion of dollars saved. (oil rich).

4. Put Congress on a lean diet, take away all their "pork" ear-marks. That will save billions of dollars.

5. Decrease Military budget for more toys for the boy.
Spend money on Military personnel benefits for them and families. Just one B-2 Bomber cost $60. Billion each.

6. To decrease NASA Budget. We need money spent on a planet name Earth, not searching for new planets. Not searching for alien life forms out there, but humans here in USA. Fund scientist to find a substitute for oil and coal.

Now was that so difficult for us "middle class".

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