23 June, 2011

Open Letter I sent To The Managing Editor, Mr. Hemelt, at the Daily Herald in Roanoke Rapids, NC

"Middle-Class" Are the Puppets-Of The Media
Dear, Mr. Hemelt,

Below is a reedited letter I sent to your attention over Two Months ago with no response. We talked about getting coverage of a middle Class presidential candidate living in Littleton. Local businesses and people cannot believe that local papers in Halifax county, will not cover the story. I'm sure Time Warner, GE, CBS, News Corp, Viacom, Walt Disney and yourself Mr. Hemelt knows why. 1. Media Controls what they want us to read, see or hear. 2. helps the Upper Class stay in Power. 3. Keep Middle Class Candidates from the White House. 3. It is the trickle down effect, i.e.| Your Higher Power, Wick Communications controls what can be covered in the news, especially when it comes to an obscure middle class man trying to represent the majority of the nation as president, that is where the media draws the line in the sand.

It is astounding when News Corporations use that phrase "Freedom of Press" when they need access to information. Also, amazing is the line they also you daily" The people have a right to know," Is that weird or what, to know what the media wants people to see. After all the "elite-upper class," politicians in the congress of both the Democratic and Republican parties including the wealthy Presidents have done such a terrific job for the middle class and American the last forty years. We sure do not want to spoil a marvellous thing. The slogan has changed from "For the People, By The People, to For The Wealthy, By The Politicians.

       reedited letter I sent to your attention over Two Months

I would like to thank your for your valuable time discussing a serious issue that is critical to the majority of us Americans.

I read in Wick Communications, about being the associate managing editor of The Daily Iberian, in New Iberia, LA. Wick Communications and appointed

as the managing editor at the Daily Herald in Roanoke Rapids, on Aug. 23. 2010, As the, who will be responsible for the newspaper’s news operations and content.

"http://wickcommunications.com/index.php." Being hired by Titus Workman, publisher of The Daily Herald, proves to me that your are outstanding in the field

of journalism as well as many more skills I do image. In reading, the article it confirmed my thoughts about you after we talked on the phone, you're extremely bright

and probably a caring man for Americas Middle Class. That is 72% of the United States Of America. I close my letter with a true story that shows how one person can make a difference.

When, I went to adult education to receive my High School Diploma, the courses required were anatomy, biology, chemistry and algebra. They assigned chemistry before algebra. I found

out latter that algebra should come before chemistry, to allow a person a better foundation of learning chemistry and working with formulas. After the 3rd week, I could not understand

chemistry and walked home past my 2 daughters with tears in my eyes and went up stairs and cried because I was a failure like always and never had completed anything as an alcoholic.

Well, Mr. Jim Thomas, the chemistry teacher, called me and said “Mr. Harvey, I did not feel like Mr. Harvey) if you come back I will work with you one hour after every class to help you

learn chemistry. I completed Chemistry with a C and received A and B grades in all the other subjects. Adult Education asked me to be a speaker for the graduating class. I went on completing

the Three colleges going full time. I was except into University of Michigan as well as Wayne State University, for my graduate Degree, Advance Standing. (All requirements for a 2 Year Masters

completed in one year). I went to check out U of M. In eating in a restaurant, I heard a person say “ I feel a little trepidation” then I looked the word up and said to myself” My God! They are so

conceited.” When, in fact, it was my fear of failing such a prestigious University. Well that is what they told me. I went down to Wayne State University located in Detroit on Cass Ave. I stood

on the street looking at the University and then looked South down Cass Ave. Then an epiphany occurred to me. Then looking several blocks South there was skid row, and experience sleeping

on the streets and in cardboard boxes. I realized this was the university I would attend, because it showed by one person helping, person could crawl from skid row and stand and complete

an Advance Standing Masters Degree.

So that is the power of  how one person can change lives forever. So I try to “Bring it forward.”

Regards, Charles Harvey.


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