19 June, 2011

"Middle-Class" Are the Puppets-Of The Media

Why do American voters believe a former politician from the upper class is the only person that will make a terrific president? Because CNN, major media and the politicians tell the  'Middle Class" that, and they believe them every election. What have any politicians ever done for the youth, the middle class or working class American? Almost half of Congress are millionaires. They tell us this is the greatest nation on earth, and they love American. Of course, they do. They live happily, eat well, do dress well and can pay their bills and have not had their homes foreclosed, and many have several homes. 41 out of 44 Presidents have been politicians. Lets blow them out of the water by picking a well educated person that can make common-sense decisions for the American" middle class" (72% of the population) and for the youth of American that have lost hope because politicians have sold them out for their own gains. They have a new Motto: For "The Politician, By The Politician" CNN will not interview people like me from the middle class, an unknown man, a non politician. A highly respected college asked if I would speak before their students. Why? because they have heard my videos and read my blogs and they know I care and speak from my heart. I think considerable media like CNN, knows that the deck is stacked, and the cards have been dealt and it will be a politician from the "upper class." The American voters will accept the spin masters of empty promises. Forgive the Politicians God, for they know exactly what they are doing to America.

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