06 June, 2011

American Will Save The World At Any Cost - Including Lives.

The Honorable Barack Obama                                          
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear, Mr.. President ,

Since American continues to police the world, and to save the world, here is a list of World Conflict from 2004, Mr. President it will be your decision, as to how many more American Military Casualties and Civilian Casualties, are willing to sacrifice. American Government has appointed us as the rulers and peace keepers of the World; like The Rome Empire did till their fall around in A.D. 476.

Also on the list is Russia, I know, we cannot get involved with their conflict because they have almost as many WMD, as the United States. I know we cannot help China's citizens because we owe them billions of dollars. As to Afghanistan and Libya, We are still trying to save them and to follow Americans high morals and to function under a democratic system of Government.

I realize that Bush said the war in Iraq was over, however, since "Mission Accomplished" (5/1/03) We have had 4313 American Military Casualties in Iraq with 3403 In Combat. Since Handover (6/29/04): there were 3595 Military Casualties with 2878 In Combat. There were 226 Military Casualties with 107 In Combat Since Your Inauguration (1/20/09). http://antiwar.com/casualties/

1The American Military causalities have been ongoing till today’s 6/6/2011, with 5 killed as they slept. 1Deaths, per day from suicide attacks and vehicle bombs, (8.3)- 2009 (6.3) - 2010 (6.2) - 2011. Documented civilian deaths from violence 101,356 – 110,708 Full analysis of the WikiLeaks' Iraq War Logs may add 15,000 civilian deaths. http://www.iraqbodycount.org/database/

Here, is a list of World Conflicts from 2004 for your review and consideration of involving American that will cause more death of Military and many civilians..

Algeria - Domestic terrorist occurrences by repressed Islamic fundamentalists. Widespread civil disturbances by repressed Berber minority

Azerbaijan - In hostile stalement with Armenia over occupied Nagorno-Karabkh territories - occasional crossborder skirmishes with Armenia.

Bangladesh - Frequent occurrences of civil unrest along political lines - frequent occurrences of domestic terrorism

Bolivia - Regular occurrences of civil unrest esp by indigenous groups

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Occupied by European Union troops - regular occurrences of inter-ethnic fighting

Brazil - Regular occurrences of civil unrest esp. in undeveloped areas as well as high-crime urban areas
Central African Republic - Violent coup
Chad - Ongoing civil war - spillover violence from neighboring Sudan in border areas

China - Regular occurrences of inter-ethnic unrest and violence

Congo (Brazzaville) - Ongoing low-level civil war - several armed insurgency groups - spillover violence from conflict in DR Congo

Côte d'Ivoire - Occupied by French and UN troops - ongoing civil war - frequent inter-ethnic unrest

Eritrea - Continued skirmishes with Ethiopia - regular occurrences of inter-ethnic violence esp amongst refugees

Guatemala - Widespread violent criminal activity
Guinea - Political instability - some inter-ethnic violence - large numbers of refugees from neighboring countries
Guinea - Political instability - some inter-ethnic violence - large numbers of refugees from neighboring countries

Honduras - Widespread violent criminal activity
India - More than 20 ongoing civil wars - skirmishes with Pakistan military and paramilitary groups esp in Kashmir - widespread civil unrest and inter-ethnic violence

Indonesia - Two ongoing major civil wars and several other smaller ones

Israel (non-Occupied territories) - Regular occurrences of domestic and foreign terrorism - occasional skirmishes with Lebanese forces

Israel (Occupied Territories/Palestine) - Nearly non-stop occurrences of clashes between Israel and Arab population

Jamaica - Widespread violent criminal activity
Laos - Frequent occurrences of domestic terrorism esp. in capital (Vientiane

Liberia - Occupied by African Union troops - widespread civil unrest

Macedonia - Frequent occurrences of inter-ethnic violence and unrest

Mauritania - Suffered coup in 2003 and attempted coups in 2004 - remants of human slave trade still exist

Nepal - Ongoing civil war between Marxist insurgents and gov't forces

Nigeria - Numerous civil insurgencies and violent inter-ethnic conflicts - widespread inter-ethnic and inter-religious civil unrest

Pakistan - Ongoing inter-religious violent conflicts - gov't has been engaged in frequent low-level warfare with ethnic minorities in west and north - occasional skirmishes between military and/or militias with Indian forces in Kashmir

Papua New Guinea - Descending into civil war - widespread violent criminal activity - widespread inter-ethnic tension and unrest - armed insurgency groups from Indonesia enter border areas

Philippines - Several armed insurgencies - numerous incidents of domestic terrorism - numerous incidents of violence along political lines - widespread inter-religious civil unrest

Russia - Several civil wars, particularly in Chechnya - widespread civil unrest - widespread inter-ethnic violence and unrest

Rwanda - Involved in armed conflicts ongoing in DR Congo - widespread inter-ethnic unrest

Saudi Arabia - Frequent occurrences of domestic terrorism

Senegal - Has troops in DR Congo, Liberia and Kosovo-numerous incidents of inter-ethnic violence and unrest

Serbia and Montenegro - Partially occupied by UN and EU troops - very frequent occurrences of violent criminal activity, inter-religious and inter-ethnic violence in Kosovo

Somalia - Ongoing insurgency in north (Somaliland) - political stability is extremely fragile - widespread violent criminal activity

Spain - Armed insurgency in Basque north - occasional incidents of domestic terrorism
Sri Lanka - Ongoing civil war - numerous incidents of domestic terrorism - widespread inter-ethnic unrest

Sudan - At least three ongoing civil wars, esp in Darfur - very frequent inter-ethnic and inter-religious violence

Syria- occasional inter-ethnic violence and unrest

Turkey -Armed insurgency in Kurdish southeast
Uganda - Armed insurgency in north - has troops and/or militias involved in conflicts in Sudan and DR Congo

Uzbekistan - Frequent occurrences of domestic terrorism

Western Sahara - Occupied by Moroccan troops

Yemen - Fought armed insurgency in north - regular occurrences of domestic terrorism

Zimbabwe - Widespread inter-ethnic violence - the gov't controls food supply to starve political opponents

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