05 May, 2011

Why God Created The Speed od Light

I had a satori - (Zen Buddhism) a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment) From God! He/She told me why the light of speed was created. The speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s. To give you an idea of how fast that is, if we could do that speed we could reach the moon in less than 2 second. . The Apollo missions took about three days to reach the Moon. The fastest mission which flew by the Moon (but did not stop) was NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission, which took only 8 hours and 35 minutes and traveled at speeds of over over 58,000 km/hr. So as you can see it is fast. It's so fast that Einstein said man will never reach the speed of light. And that is why God Created the speed of light so man could not reach it and put other forms of life 40 to 100 light years away. Some scientist think there are earth like planents 20 light years away and that would take around 70,000 years for our space ship to reach it at our present technology. God is baffled why American have spent  so much money trying to get places God will not allow.` NASA was established on July 29, 1958
NASA's expenditures: $101.5 billion, or $2 billion a year.[2] The NSF did get a 6.7 percent increase in their budget in 2009 for a total of $6.926 billion dollars. According to the Office of Management and Budget and the Air Force Almanac, when measured in real terms (adjusted for inflation), the figure is $790.0 billion, or an average of $15.818 billion dollars per year over its fifty year history (NASA's 2011 budget is on a continuing resolution of the 2010 budget at $18.724 billion)

God wonders why we spend so much money on space and weapons before helping the meek and the middle class and the elderly and disabled and the mothers and children. But God takes some responsibility because God game man free will. oy vey! Also God does not want us to reach another inhabited planted like ours because of what God see us to to Earth and other human beings.

But God has a full proof backup if man reaches the speed of light. he has other life on those planets that will treat us like Americans treated blacks. OK God I told them but forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing.

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