25 May, 2011

If A Widowed Candidate For President 2012 Wins,With No First Lady, Would That Make My Daughter First Daughter?

Cloths Provided By The
Parrot in the Square

"Where Quality Goes On,
 Before It Goes Out"

Model-Michelle Ann Cantrall-Harvey

Daughter provide by God, Nancy Jean, Now In Heaven,
and Charles Harvey, Candidate For President 2012.
If the middle class and poor vote for me as their president in 2012, This is the Daughter that will be by my side at formal affairs, on Air Force One, and travel with her Dad where appropriate. She will also provide me ideas from an intelligent woman's point of view.  God know if we are to have any common sense in American we need women in the White House and Congress. I was blessed with two beautiful daughters. Besides Michelle my other daughter is Jennifer.
That gave me three beautiful grandchildren

 Jennifer is not interested in the White House. She love being a mother to her 3 children and  27 chihuahuas she breed and shows and won many ribbons:
Are You Looking At Me?                   Michelle Possible First Daughter
Well my daughter Michelle has a beautiful store that looks like it is from a secret garden
It was named after her mother and my wife that is in heaven now
So my daughter Michelle's neighbor that owns Parrot in the Square, asked her to model so here are some pictures of I hope will be the First Daughter of the White House. Here are some
of the outfits my daughter Michelle modeled:

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