08 May, 2011

Republicans the "Party of No to to Democratic budget plans, But?

Many call the Republicans the "Party of No to to Democratic budget plans" Republicans the "Party of No ? that is so funny. (Politico:) Because they say yes to most of what they want.Thad Cochran and Bill Young led their respective bodies in securing earmarks.  Members of Congress requested almost 40,000 earmarks that exceeded $100 billion directed to their home districts and states for the current fiscal year. My favorite small ear mark is $50,000 to a Tattoo parlor in San Luis Obispo, California, for Tattoo removal program. by Congresswoman Lois Capps (D - CA) Also  Buried deep in the $38 billion 2011 fiscal budget bill - that one that was hastily passed ... That's $3 billion for a space ship (caffertyfile.blogs.cnn.com/2011) Jan 21, 2011 ... The House, now run by Republicans, are set to vote on a budget ... If that occurs across the board, NASA's FY2011 budget would be $17.4 billion, not $19 billion as ... it can send a space craft to the ISS and come back in one piece (news.yahoo.com/.../20110121/)  Bucking the tide that is pushing for spending reductions, Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee are asking for a $7 billion increase in the $553 billion base defense budget for 2012 requested by the Obama administration.Rick Maze - (Staff writer. Army Times) But when it comes to cutting, Republican prove they master surgeons when it comes to cutting Human support Like medicare and medicaid. So it seems Republican love War and Space more than helping Elderly, Lower and Middle Class Americans.  http://charlesharveyforpresident.com/

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