04 May, 2011

Our Government Give Ammo to the Conspiracy Theroist"

Picture of bin laden death Photo A fax.

Well I got it right  I said the photos shown of bin laden as being death picture 2011 and the live one take in 1998 on the Internet, were in fact fake as I pointed out in my Blog.(see my blogs http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/ )

So lets look at all the ammunition our Government gave the conspiracy theorist.
1. The dump body at sea for respect of a good mans religious believe. Brings tears to my eyes.

2. President Obama decides not to release photos showing bin laden's dead body

3. If President Bush showed dead pictures of Saddam's 2 sons dead, but Obama will not show            pictures of the worlds Public number 1.

4. Most likly our Govermnet will contine to give pakistan Billions of dollars.

I think we should give them the reward to Pakistan for location of bin ladens being so close to Governemt facilities. Remember many may not have had a window on the side of their building to give them a view of the bin laden compond.

As the DNA question? It is real easy to show the public to matching DNA Documents.


                                           FAKE PHOTO OF BIN LADENS DEATH FACE

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