02 May, 2011

bin laden dead, But?

Well The old fart is dead and we even respected his religious believe to be buried within 24 hours. But that is not the end of terrorism, in fact it will increase attacks on Americans and their friends. There are 100 surrogates to replace bin ladin. But the respect of bin ladin religion will leave doubts in many American lives forever by not bringing the body back and showing to Americans on our soil. This will linger longer than the conspiracy over president Obama birth certificate. As a Candidate running for president in 2012 I would demand the body be brought back for all the families that lost loved ones in the 9-11 ATTACK. Then as President I would immediately bring every American military personnel from all Islamic Muslim countries and stay out of their affairs. bin ladin and al qaeda have accomplished more damage to the free World than we did fighting them. The have cost us much in lost lives, Financially stress to America and disrupted Americans every day life. Staying in Muslim Countries and interfering in Muslim problems will only hurt the average citizen not the politician's that are always out of arms way that make bad decision like trying to run other countries when we are only a mere fraction of the great American we were immediately after world war II. Remember that Rome that was the greatest power on earth is not a terrorist attraction. Rome was destroyed by Barbarians and corruption as well as greed. Till the end Rome believed it was the greatest and could not be destroyed. We don't forget we still have our American Dreams even if we follow the path of Rome.

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