10 May, 2011

11 Former Memebers of Bush Cabinet Come Out Of The Woodwork.

When I heard that key members publicly gave Bush credit for finding bin ladin. Give us Americans a break. The only thing they should have said was: We thank the Obama Administration and Seal Team Six for the outstanding job they did" But that take people with a little humility not the Big 11 with huge egos.
Fact: Bush had 8 years and did not come close. Bush claim victory in Iraq when we are still in Iraq with hundred of thousands of innocent civilians and American and Allied Soldiers.Bush went to war with Iraq on lies from one man from Iraq.Bush Got us in Debt, But Obama and the citizens of American had to pay the bill. This is why I am running for president of the United States in 2012, to Bing truth the American people and help the middle class that has not been helped by one president since 1940s. Former Presidential Cabinet members when you leave office, be humble, get out of the spot light and get a real job.

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