17 December, 2010

United States Inventory

I think everyone has met a person that seems to work on others’ faults instead their own, or has met people that seem to brag lots about how great they are.
 We! I have just described the United States. Yes! A Country that is the youngest of all nations in the World that tells other countries what they should be doing while it does not take care of the eyes sores we have here in our own Country. We lead in Illicit Drug use. We have more criminals in prisons. We have the largest divorce rates. The largest numbers of teenage criminals. The largest numbers of deaths related to alcohol, the largest number of serial killers, and the largest number of reported sexual predators. And lets not talk about the failing of our Educational shortcomings, Corporate and political corruption.
Women in our country are fighting for women’s rights in other countries, when we have such large numbers of women being abused in American.
Yes I am proud of being an American and would die to defend it, but I belong to a program that teaches us to work on our own shortcomings and character defects and to do my own inventory and not others. Let the World as a whole decide what to do. Many countries have been around a lot longer than us. Let them ask if they need help. Lets get to the back of the bus and stop driving. Let us find some Humility and let others say how great we are instead of us telling the world how great we are.

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